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​First Impressions Events is the premier agency specialising in providing consultants to the major beauty, fragrance and cosmetic brands and leading department stores, specialty stores and pharmacy outlets.

Retail Counter Coverage & Promotions

We supply our clients with experienced, immaculately groomed retail counter sales staff. Our consultants are specialist makeup artists trained in boosting sales, generating new customer profiles and promoting on-counter events and product launches for makeup, beauty and skincare products.

Fragrance Consultants

Our target-driven fragrance teams specialise in fragrance launches and boosting fragrance sales. These consultants are highly sales productive and are dedicated to generating new product awareness and a great customer experience.

Beauty Therapists

We provide beauty therapists that are fully trained in the products and brands we represent. They are also experienced in product up-selling, booking return appointments and improving on existing client databases.

Fashion Shows

We have skilled makeup artists and hair stylists who can adapt quickly to a fashion brief. As time is of the essence during fashion shows our elite team is renowned for their fast and immaculate application and styling techniques. This team is specially trained and experienced in this field and is always time efficient.


We have a group of specialist makeup artists that are trained in public speaking and training. They have experience in running group master classes as well as speaking about products in a public arena. This team is perfect for new product launches and provides valuable and vast product knowledge that can be adapted to any of our clients’ needs.

Cosmetic Eventing

Many of our experienced makeup artists come from extensive event-based backgrounds, and some have been trained internationally and have worked with some the world’s most renowned makeup artists.

These artists not only have a strong retail selling background but also work in fashion, photographic and fashion shows as well as hair and beauty therapy.

This team is highly trained in public speaking and makeup event organisation.

Formal Makeup and Hair

Our consultants are also available for private hire. So book a hair and makeup artist now!


As we offer the finest makeup, hair stylists and facial specialists you can be assured of the best results for your special day. You can book a trial with one of our amazing and experienced artists. All of our makeup artists are fully mobile so there is no need to leave your home.

Video Presenting

Need a product tutorial video? Look no further! First Impression Events has all bases covered. Simply book one of our specialist makeup artists, provide the product knowledge to us and you will have your own bespoke video tutorials! We can also source models.

Master Classes

Learn to become your own makeup artist with the ultimate one-on-one or group makeup lesson with one of our National makeup artists. You will uncover how easy it is to achieve a flawless complexion as well as recreating your favorite makeup looks to suit your lifestyle, features and colouring.

We offer colour styling and easy to understand step by step makeup application methods in a relaxing and fun two hour intimate make up lesson.

Discover the new you with the existing products you have in your makeup case as well as tips and trade secrets to make your makeup application immaculate with ease.

So bring in what you have and we will show you the rest!

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